NETT Rd 1 & 2 Race Report

Round 1- IronWorks MX, 13th April 2024

We truly could not have opened the 2024 N.E.T.T season any better. IronWorks MX was the perfect track to break into the upcoming season. The track was prepped and prepared to perfection by the amazing team. It even served as a perfect landing spot for an Air Ambulance.

50s & 100s:

In the 50cc and 100cc categories, the debut was nothing short of electrifying. Welcoming a plethora of fresh talents alongside seasoned competitors, the races unfolded with remarkable intensity. Noteworthy performances included Phoebe Garrett (117) securing the top spot in the 50cc standard class with an impressive 75 points, whilst in the 50cc modified class, 1st place was taken my Macson Lorton (15) with 75 points after consecutively taking the lead in all three races.

Macy Edgar (7) followed in 2nd place with 62 points and Alfie Chew (19) came 3rd with 44 points, coming back strong from a crash during the second race. Our 100cc standard class was led by William Pinder (83) with a total of 72 points, closely followed by Billy Barnes (12) who took the lead in the 3rd race of the day; Bobby Clark (9) finished with 40 points in 3rd place.

Bently-Don Garrett (115) won the 100cc modified class with a total of 75 points; competitor Jayden Garrett (116) followed closely with 66 points. In the 100cc geared water cooled, Siontilly Garrett (321) came away on top of the podium with the maximum of 75 points. Our 100cc geared air-cooled class opened with several competitors this season.

Albert Scotland (25)- after a very successful season last year- returned to the first round of 2024 and clearly setting the tone for the year ahead with 3 race wins, totalling 75 points. Joel O’Neill (19) wasn’t too far behind in 2nd place with 66 points.

Harry Barker (23) and Corey Murray (33) battled throughout the day ending with Barker in 3rd and Murray in 4th. Roan Dean (45) and Oliver Wilsher (136) placed 5th and 6th respectively.


150s & 250s:

The 150cc and 250cc also saw a lot of new changes. The introduction of a youth sidecar class injected fresh excitement into these races.

Team 110, represented by Louis Murch and Freddie Keane, made an indelible mark with a flawless performance, earning them 75 points and setting a high standard for aspiring entrants.

In the 150cc open class Seth Balaam (888) took 1st with 72 points, closely followed by Malachy McKenna (513), where we saw these two battling it out. Louise Garrett (123) came 3rd with Ella Robe (14) and Shay Mckenna closely following in 4th and 5th respectively.

In the 250cc standard class, Bradley Meek placed first after consistently winning all 3 races of the day, totalling at 75 points. Kacey Walters placed 2nd with 66 points; an excellent achievement for her first round with NETT.

The 250cc modified class, with the maximum of 75 points, Adam Gibson (4) took the lead. Luke Waddington (88) placed 2nd behind Adam with 62 points. Sophie Bann (16) and Kayla George (26) represented the female power in this class taking 3rd and 4th respectively.

Our 250cc open class has been known for excellent riders and this year is no exception. Placing 1st overall, Brodie North (131) dazzled the track this weekend with his first time on the 250cc open and took the race by storm. At only 13 years old and riding on a license specially approved, this is an impressive accomplishment.

Travis Toye (9) also impressed as he kept pace with North, resulting in a 2nd place with 64 points.

Jay Sams (62) and William Kirwin (16) once again battled this season to take 3rd and 4th. Padraig McNulty (448), Lara Logan (110), and Amelia Talent (125) finished up the race taking 5th, 6th, and 7th.




The adult classes were rechristened this season. The once previously named Supports class became the Clubman class and the Over 40s/EVOs class became the Senior class. However, the change of names witnessed no diminution in the calibre of competition.

Frank Marston (4), in his first season competing in the adults, placed 1st overall. Marston battled with Michael Robinson (31) who placed 2nd with 63 points. 3rd place was taken by Connor Yates (77) with 55 points and Jake Best placed 4th; a brilliant accomplishment after taking a year out.

Last season a new trophy was introduced to the championship. This was the Lisa Meek Memorial Trophy, created to celebrate the female riders within N.E.T.T. The current champion, Chloe Maybury (15) placed 16th in the Clubman class but this year is joined by even more female competitors.

Chloe Wilson (28) has moved up to compete in the adults alongside Ella Walters. Bobby Logan (121) returned to compete again in addition to Ellie Stott. Carly Sewell joined these ladies to compete this year but unfortunately crashed in the 2nd race, we are wishing her a speedy recovery to return and fight for this special trophy.



In the Senior Championship, Ed Davies secured a dominant victory with a perfect score of 75 points, displaying consistent excellence across all three races. Jason Wildman closely followed in 2nd place with 64 points, showcasing skill and determination throughout. Grey Fisher claimed 3rd position with 62 points, while Martin Sayer and Steven Pinder rounded out the top five with 52 and 50 points respectively.


Champs & Experts:

Dwayne Barnes was the highlight for the National Expert Championship, winning 1st overall with the maximum of 75 points. Zak Beevers (81) and Craig Fisher (147) took turns as runner up across the three races, concluding with Beevers in 2nd and Fisher in 3rd. Jack Young (414) closely followed got 4th and Steve Kirwin placed 5th.

In the Champs, a second Beevers brother took home a trophy with Chad Beevers (538) in 1st place. Dafydd Davies (15) closely followed in 2nd with 58 points. Jamie Morgan (24) started strong; leading the first race and taking 3rd in the second race, ultimately Mark Mclernon (919) and Morgan tied for 4th with 54 points. 5th place was awarded to Jack Naylor (74) after a consistent day of racing.



In the sidecars, the top 3 teams were in a constant battle throughout Saturday. Team 13 (Michael Hodges and Ryan Henderson) ended in the lead with 67 points in total. Team 89 (Liam Mudie and Chris Booth) closely followed in 2nd with 62 points and Team 2 (Dan Foden and Ryan Humphrey) placed 3rd with 57 points. Jonathan Wilson and Andrew Rowan (Team 112) took 4th and Team 9 (Jack Rogers and Ryan Beavis) came 5th.

Exciting performances from emerging teams like Jake Brown and Nathan Cooper (Team 100) foreshadowed an exhilarating season ahead.

Overall, the initial races of the 2024 NETT season served as a testament to the skill, passion, and camaraderie that define our sport, truly setting the stage for an enthralling championship ahead.


Round 2- IronWorks MX, 14th April 2024

The excellent performance from Saturday at Ironworks MX followed into Sunday, with the addition of riders in multiple classes. On this dusty Sunday, a few of our riders took a tumble and some even decided to perform acrobatics with their bikes. We were very thankful to have an excellent team of paramedics on standby throughout the entire weekend. 

50s & 100s:

Phoebe Garrett (117) triumphed in the 50cc standard category, claiming victory with 75 points.

In the 50cc Modified category, Macson Lorton (15) once again secured a commanding victory with a perfect score of 75 points, displaying exceptional consistency with 25 points in each race. Alfie Chew (19) followed closely behind with 66 points, also showing consistent performance across all three races. Macy Edgar (7) claimed third place with 40 points, rebounding from a DNF in the second race.

In the 100cc Standard class, William Pinder (83) emerged as the champion with a perfect score of 75 points, followed by Billy Barnes (12) with 66 points and Bobby Clark (9) with 20 points.

Siontilly Garrett (321) championed the 100cc Geared, Water-Cooled class, securing victory with a flawless score of 75 points. Bently-Don Garrett (115) claimed victory over the 100cc modified class with 72 points, followed closely by Jayden Garret (116) with 69 points.

Joel O’Neil (19) dominated the 100cc Geared Air-Cooled class with 69 points. Competitor Corey Murray (33) followed with 64 points. Albert Scotland (25) placed 3rd with 62 points. Harry Baker (23), Roan Dean (45) and Oliver Wilshire (136) followed.


150s & 250s:

In the 150 Open class, Seth Balaam (888) emerged as the champion, securing 72 points. Malachy McKenna (513) closely followed with 69 points, while Louise Garrett (123) claimed third with 60 points. Ella Robe (14) and Shay McKenna (135) took 4th and 5th respectively.

Sunday was the day for Kacey Walters (23) as she took the win in the 250 Std category with 69 points, showcasing consistent performance. Bradley Meek followed with 50 points, exhibiting resilience despite a crash in the second race.

In the 250 Mod category, Adam Gibson (4) dominated with 75 points, showing consistency with 25 points in each race. Luke Waddington (88) followed with 64 points, displaying determination with scores of 20 and 22 points in the first two races. Kayla George (26) and Sophie Bann (16) shared third place with 40 points each, though George recovered from a DNF in the first race.

Brodie North (131) clinched victory in the 250 Open category for the second day in a row, amassing 72 points with consistent performances. Travis Toye (9) and Jay Sams (177) trailed closely with 69 and 60 points respectively. William Kirwin (16) followed in 4th, with Amelia Talent (125) and Padraig McNulty (448) behind.

Louis Murch and Freddie Keane once again dazzled in the Youth Sidecar category with a perfect 75 points, showcasing flawless teamwork throughout.



In the Clubman category, Connor Yates (77) climbed from 3rd on Saturday to 1st on Sunday and dominated with a perfect score of 75 points, showcasing consistent performance in all three races. Thomas McNulty (16) also improved and followed closely behind with 64 points, displaying resilience and skill on the track.

Through an excellent day of racing Jake Best (10) claimed third place with 56 points, while Frank Marston (4) and Luke Brown (58) secured fourth and fifth positions respectively.



In the Senior Championship, Grey Fisher (47) emerged as the leader with 61 points, exhibiting major skill throughout the races. Martin Sayer (57) closely followed with 58 points with Steven Pinder (131) right behind securing 3rd place with 56 points. Lindsey Duke (152) made his return claiming 4th and Jason Wildman (113) behind in 5th, showcasing competitive spirit and skill in their performances.


Champs & Experts:

Sunday allowed us the honour of hosting the British Quad Championship, where Harry Walker (7) came to win (and he did), securing a flawless score of 75 points across all three races. Jamie Morgan (24) followed closely behind with 64 points, demonstrating commendable performance throughout the competition. Jack Naylor (74) held onto third place with 62 points. Whilst Dafydd Davies (15) and Chad Beevers (538) rounded out the top five positions, displaying competitive prowess in their races.

Meanwhile, in the National Expert Championship, Robbie Wood (6) emerged as the frontrunner with 39 points, making a large comeback from the first race. Paul Edgar (35) trailed closely behind with 38 points, demonstrating consistency and determination. Luke Berlin (40) claimed third place totalling 36 points with a win in the second race, while George Oliver (97) and Zak Beevers (81) shared fourth position with 31 points each. Dylan McKenna placed 5th with 29 points, completing the top 5, or in this case, 6.


Sidecar Championship & Experts:

As well as the British Quad Championship, we also presented the British Sidecar Championship, where reigning champions Brett Wilkinson and Joe Millard (Team 1) claimed the top spot with a total of 50 points, demonstrating exceptional teamwork and skill with victories in both races.

Stuart Brown and Lewis Grey (Team 888) secured second place with 44 points. Jake Brown and Nathan Cooper (Team 100) held onto third place with 38 points, while George King and Scott Graham (Team 24) followed closely behind in fourth place with 33 points.

Lee Foyle and Jack Wilkinson (Team 145) rounded out the top five positions with 30 points, exhibiting competitive spirit and determination on the track.

In the Sidecar's Expert category, Jack Rogers and Ryan Beavis (Team 9) emerged as the leaders with 18 points. Ashley Williams and Adam McKibbin (Team 177) followed closely with 14 points.

Behind, Tony Murch and John Murch (Team 110) claimed third position with 14 points, while Taylor Whitt and Blake Stevenswood (Team 137) secured fifth place with 11 points each, exhibiting and tactical prowess throughout the competition.

From the 50 Mod and Youth Sidecar divisions to the British Quad Championship and British Sidecar Championship, it's evident that each competition was a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of the participants. Whether dominating the field with perfect scores or battling fiercely for every point, our riders showcased exceptional skill and determination throughout.

Each race provided thrilling moments and highlights that captivated audiences. As the season progresses, anticipation mounts for further displays of prowess and fierce competition in the world of motorsport.

These athletes continue to inspire with their unwavering commitment to excellence, making each race an unforgettable spectacle for all involved.