Beginner's Guide

Club President Matt Alberti tells you all you need to know, in order to get racing in the NETT Quad Championship... 

Quad Racing – a beginners check list!

Before you set off all nervous for your 1st race meeting, go through the attached check list and you can at least know you’ll have the bare minimum to enjoy the day without worrying about what you may/may not need (and remember, we’re a friendly bunch so if you break down/need help, just come and ask a committee member and one of us will be able to point you in the direction of someone in the pits who can help you, 99% of the time) 

Firstly, A Bike! (Suitable for the class you are racing in – see the Youth Quad page for info.)

Bike “Must haves” are:-

  • Nerf bars
  • Kill switch & tether/cable
  • Number boards and numbers (to ACU regs – again see NETT rules and regs for details)
  • Quiet exhaust (if possible)
  • Spare fuel in a jerry can
  • A fire extinguisher (powder-type, at least 2Kg – try Arco or similar, they have them!)

If you can afford it, “good-to-haves” are:-

  • Basic tool set
  • Spare set of wheels (in case of punctures)
  • Rear skid plate (protects chain and rear brake rotor from possible rock damage)
  • Spare chain
  • Hand guards (once you have had a stone hit your fingers at 50+ mph, these become a must have!)
  • A foot pump (to adjust your tyre pressures for the terrain)

Personal Equipment “Must-haves” are:-

  • M/X boots & long socks
  • Body protector (soft (all-in-one vest type) or hard (plastic-shell type))
  • A kidney belt – they help protect your lower back and, yep, yer kidneys!
  • Gold stamped ACU helmet
  • Goggles (tear-off or roll-off type are best, Rip’N Roll’s if you can afford them) 
  • Race gloves 
  • A neck support – compulsory for kids classes (adults - if you can afford one, from a foam roll-type to a full-on Leatt-style job, get one – it could save your life!) 
  • Race vest and pants (doesn’t matter how old/new/used as long as it protects you and fits) – contrary to popular rumour, you cannot race in a T-shirt & jeans any longer! You don’t need your race number on your shirt but if it does have one, it must match your bike number displayed (for the benefit of the lapscorers sanity!).
  • The will to have fun, race, compete or win, depending on your attitude!

And again, the “good-to-haves “ are:-

  • Knee brace’s – again, most folk think these are for AFTER you have an injury – the top riders all wear them to PREVENT the injury in the first place!
  • A spare helmet – unlike speedway, we don’t burn your high value helmet in the middle of the track after a spill but if it’s a biggy, you need to think safety-first – do you really know if the helmet will protect your noggin if the same or worse spill happened again in the next race, plus, if it’s wet, there’s nothing like a wet muddy helmet on your head to make you wish you were at home in the bath!
  • Spare goggles - 3 sets for 3 races if it’s wet/muddy!
  • Spare gloves – again, as per goggles if it’s wet/muddy!

You can hire a transponder and its holder as part of the “start to race” deal, so put that to the back of your mind for that first meeting!

Good luck and see you at the track!