British Quad Cross Regulations







The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) will promote, together with appointed clubs, the British Quad Cross Championship, including British Under 21 Quad Cross Championship & National Expert Championship.




The meetings will be held under the National Sporting Code of the ACU, the Standing regulations for Motocross, these Championship Conditions and any further Supplementary Regulations or Instructions issued or official announcements made.


The minimum level of insurance provided by the Organisers is through an ACU Basic Permit, Event organisers are reminded to inform competitors the level of cover provided in the Supplementary Regulations.




The Championship is open to riders holding current Motocross licences issued by the ACU / SACU, or holding a current National licence issued by their European FMN. Any competitor not holding an ACU or SACU licence must provide proof of Insurance and a written start permission document issued by their FMN.


Start permissions are the responsibility of each rider for each round (issued by licencing federation)

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To qualify For the British Under 21 Quad Championship a rider must be under the age of 21 years on the date of 14th April 2024.




The Championship is open to quads meeting the current requirements as stated in the ACU Motocross Standing Regulations, which are machines up to 700cc (4-stroke) or 500cc (2-stroke).




The British Championship is open to a maximum of 40 riders taken in the Following order:


Top 25 from the 2023 British Championship positions.

Other riders accepted by the ACU Clubs


National Expert Quad Cross Championship


The National Expert Quad Cross Championship will exclude any rider who has finished in the top 8 10 overall British championship positions from the previous two years year.  It will also exclude any rider that has competed in a European Quad Cross Championship event in the previous two seasons, or who contests a EMX Quad Championship event in the current year, (if this happens any points scored by that Rider will be frozen at the point in which the rider competed at the EMX Championship round). 

It will exclude any rider that has won the British U21 Championship in the past two years.

The ACU Motocross Committee reserve the right to invite, or consider, any rider for the whole series, who in their opinion would enhance the Championship for the good of the sport.



The Championship will consist of 6 rounds, all of which will be point scoring.


Details of the full championship are: 





14 April



6 May


Nora MX           

27 May * Monday

Warmingham Lane

Nora MX           

23 June



28 July

Dean Moor


4 August

Little Silver

Nora MX           


All dates a subject to the FIME EMX Quad Championship rounds




The Official Points will be recorded by the ACU.



There is no requirement to register for the 2024 British Championship.  Riders will be required to hold a 2024 ACU or SACU licence or supply start permission from your own national federation.

Riders must supply a transponder number with their Entry. 


Individual Round Entry Fee is £75.  Riders are required to enter on an individual round basis direct with each organising club prior to the closing date.  At the clubs discretion they can charge a rider the late entry fee @ £90 per round. 


Any rider who rides at any other event either at home or abroad on the same day as a Championship meeting may be fined £100.00 and disqualified from the remainder of the Championship. All Championship points & prize money will be forfeited. Riders may only be released by the ACU Motocross Committee for FIM/ FIME events by prior written request.




Under no circumstances will refunds be considered unless a rider informs the organiser of his injury within 7 days of the event prior to the event and sends a doctors/hospital certificate to the organiser.



Riders are allowed to use machines (maximum 2) as presented to Technical Control under their respective name and starting number. A machine can only be presented for technical Inspection under one rider’s name, unless one is shared by two riders, in which case it is presented with both riders’ number.


For all machines; 115dB/A (+1dB/A type 1 meter or +2dB/A type 2 meter before the race; +2dB/A type 1 Meter or + 3dB/A type 2 meter after the race). Test procedure: 2 Metre Max method

Sound Control after a race – Any rider whose machine is above the limit documented above – whether it be one of the riders chosen at random or any other rider whose motorcycle is controlled/verified – may be penalised by having 1 minute added to his riding time in the race in question. Riders may be chosen by the use of ride by sound tests or at random by the Clerk of the Course.

Should a machine become excessively noisy during a practice or racing session, in the opinion of the Clerk of the Course, a board displaying “Noise” together with the offender’s number shall be shown to the rider in question at an appropriate place on the circuit. Once passing the board the rider has two laps in which to enter the work area and effect repairs. i.e. the rider may only pass the board on two occasions. If the rider fails to enter the work area during that time, they will be shown the Black Flag and disqualified from the race in question. Under these circumstances no Sound Test shall be undertaken.


In either instance, if there are not enough laps left in the session or race for the above scenario to take place, the rider will still be shown the board whereby he is advised to affect a repair. However, if he fails to do this, the machine will automatically be sound tested at the end of the session or race.


Any rider refusing to have an engine measured will result in the loss of all British Championship points & prize money for the event in question.



All registered British Championship riders should own their own transponder for which it is their responsibility to ensure that it is fully charged (14 hours from completely flat as per the manufacturer’s instructions) and fitted to the machine used in all practices, qualifying sessions and races. The transponder required is a Mylaps Motocross type transponder, orange. (Note. AMCA only transponders cannot be used).


The organisers and timekeepers will take no responsibility for the results of riders who fail to fit a transponder or charged transponder to their machine.


Transponders can be purchased or leased From HS Sport Ltd at Unit 5, Radnor Park Industrial Estate, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4XN – Tel: 01260275708


It is compulsory that riders/passengers wear, as a minimum, back and chest protectors, soft shell body armour is acceptable, incorporated within the suit or worn separately. It is advised that all riders and passengers should wear a body belt/kidney protector.


The number 1 plate will be issued to the Rider / Driver who has gained the highest number of points in the previous year’s British Championship. All other numbers will be issued on first come first served basis.


All drivers must wear numbered riding shirts or bibs, supplied by them, showing the number on the rear, which must be produced at Technical Control. The numbers on the shirts must be the same as on the machine. Failure to comply may result in disqualification. The minimum dimension for the numbers must be 140mm height, 70mm width and 25mm width of stroke and the space between any two Figures 15mm. Riding numbers must be in strong contrast to the background.


Machines must also be fitted with a front & rear number plate of a minimum size of 150mm x 150mm with them mounted behind the rider on the rear grab bar and be in line with the machine reading left to right on both sides. The mounting bracket must not be higher than 150mm. Height of the number 100mm. Width of the number 80mm. Width of stroke 25mm. Space between two numbers 15mm. The number plate must always display the correct number of the rider. We reserve the right to require space for title sponsor on all front number boards.


Rear upright number boards



Under 21










Rear Vertical No Board Red with white number – Pre-registered Expert riders will receive this board at the first event.

The current championship leader may use a red number plate (Front and rear) with a white number. This is optional.



A maximum of two machines is permitted. Riders may only change machines between races.










ALL riders must stop - (riders must not pass a red flag unless authorised to do so and then only proceed at a slow pace).

Yellow Motionless:



Danger, take care. Drive slowly

Yellow Waved:




Great Danger, prepare to stop, no overtaking. A significant reduction in speed must be seen; therefore jumps should not be attempted.



Warning, you are about to be lapped

Black with rider No:


That rider to stop immediately and leave the track


Green:                                              Under starters orders

White with Red Diagonal           Medical Attention is required at that point. Cross Raised and Motionless


White with Red Diagonal           Medical Crew & Officials in attendance on live racetrack. Proceed with Cross Waved                        extreme caution, riders must significantly reduce speed and roll each                                                     jump individually with no overtaking until past the area of concern.



All Flag signals must be strictly adhered to. Failure to observe these signals may lead to disqualification.



Practice / Qualification will be held at each event and where possible should be a minimum of 15 minutes. If a wet meeting is declared Qualifying may be cancelled & replaced with 2 laps of free practice.


Three races counting towards the Championship will be held at each meeting. (Conditions may vary the number of races.


20 minutes + 2 laps (please note adverse conditions may cause race durations to vary at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course)


For all rounds riders will come to the line for every race based on the results of timed qualification (or in the absence of timed qualification by current championship positions at the start of the meeting, British

Championship results have a priority over National Expert Championship results). If this occurs at the first round of the championship then they will come to the line in order of their British Championship final position in 2023, non-championship point scorers will be balloted.


The start will be live engine, clutch type.

A maximum of 20 machines will go to the front row and the remainder will go on a second row. All 20 positions on the front row must be filled before riders can take a position on the back row. Once a rider has taken his place at the start gate, he cannot change it.

A rider is deemed to be under starters orders when the first rider is called to the start line. Any rider who fails to be ready to start within two minutes of the first rider reaching the start line or who causes a start to be unnecessarily delayed in the opinion the starter or the Clerk of the Course may be disqualified from that race.

The starter will hold up a green flag from which moment the riders are under his control until all riders are on the start line. When all the riders are on the start line the starter’s assistant will hold up a 15 second board for 15 seconds. At the end of the 15 seconds a five second board will be shown, and the gate will drop between 5 and 10 seconds after the five-second board is shown.


No one except RIDERS and OFFICIALS shall be permitted in the area of the starting gate. Riders may only “groom” behind the start gate and no tools or outside assistance is allowed.


A waving of a red flag will be used to signify a false start. All riders should go back to the waiting zone and await further announcements regarding the re-start.


Any rider not admitted in the initial start cannot be introduced after a false start. In the case of an immediate restart riders may only exchange machines in the Waiting Zone.


In the case that the re-start will not take place immediately riders will return to the waiting zone to be instructed if they can return to the paddock.


The Clerk of the Course has the right, for safety reasons or other cases of force majeure, to stop a race prematurely or to cancel a part or the whole of a meeting.


The Clerk of the Course may exclude one or more riders, deemed to be at fault for a race being stopped, from taking part in the restart.


If a British Championship race is stopped before half race distance has elapsed there will be a complete restart. This will be deemed a new race.


Riders will return to the waiting zone to await an official announcement. Restarts will take place as soon as possible.


In the event of a complete re-start reserve riders may take part in the restart if one or more of the original starters are unable to take part or are disqualified by the Clerk of the Course. Riders who missed the waiting zone for the original start are permitted to participate in the re-start. All reserve riders for the original start are reserves for the re-start. If a reserve rider competed in the first start he will not automatically be included in the restart.


If a race has to be stopped after the leader has completed 50% of the race distance, excluding any additional laps, rounded down to the nearest number of laps, it will be considered to have finished.


The order of classification shall be based upon the order of last crossing the finishing line prior to the showing of the red flag.  

If a race has to be stopped after the leader(s) has taken the chequered flag they will be classified as having finished the race. The order of classification for those riders who have not taken the chequered flag shall be based upon the order of last crossing the finish control line prior to the showing of the red flag.


The Clerk of the Course may disqualify/penalize a rider from the results who has deemed to be the cause of the red flag incident.


If a race has to be stopped after the leader has taken the chequered flag they will be classified as having finished the race.


The order of classification for those riders who have not taken the chequered flag shall be based upon the order of last crossing the finish line prior to the showing of the red flag, and only competitors who are racing at the showing of the red flag and have completed 50% of the overall race distance (rounded down) will be classified.


A trackside working area will be available. Only in this area may mechanics make repairs or adjustments to the machines during races/qualification.


To be classed as a finisher, a rider must complete 50% (Rounded down) of the number of completed laps of the race winner. Riders do not need to pass the chequered flag to be classified as a finisher. If a rider does not complete their final lap within 5 minutes of the winner crossing the finish line, that lap will not count towards their score.


All Riders will score points in the British Quad Championship.


British Under 21 & National Expert Championship riders will score point towards their individual championship as well. - Points will be awarded in the following order for positions 1 to 20. 


1st = 25, 2nd = 22, 3rd = 20, 4th = 18, 5th = 16, 6th – 15, 7th = 14, 8th = 13, 9th = 12, 10th = 11, 11th = 10, 12th = 9, 13th = 8, 14th = 7, 15th = 6, 16th = 5, 17th = 4, 18th = 3, 19th = 2, 20th = 1

3.12 TIES

If a tie occurs on points scored on the day, it will be resolved on the highest place in the last race. If this fails to decide a tie it will then be decided by the highest place in the second race.


If a tie occurs at the end of the championship, it will be resolved in favour of the rider gaining the greater number of first places, or if this fails to decide a tie, then in favour of the driver gaining the greater number of second places and so on, down to last place.


Receiving any outside assistance will be considered as an attempt to gain an advantage for which the penalty may be disqualification from the respective race.

Once riders come under starters orders outside assistance is forbidden and any violation may result in disqualification. Please also refer to the following addendum. 

Outside assistance may be permitted under the following criteria:

If carried out by an Official in the interests of safety.

If carried out by a third party directly under the instruction of an Official. During a race only, a rider may carry out quad maintenance outside of the work area. 

If, for any reason, a rider leaves the course, they must re-join it as closely as possible at the point where they left the course without any outside assistance. They must not gain any advantage. If any advantage is obtained, they may be penalised or disqualified from the results.

Any machine taken back to the paddock during the race will not be allowed to re-join that race.


Any offence or breach of the rules contained within the Sporting Code, the relevant discipline regulations, or appendices, or any supplementary regulations, howsoever caused, if witnessed by a senior event Official shall be deemed for purposes of disciplinary procedure as a “Statement of Fact”.


Senior event Officials will include but are not limited to; Clerk of the Course and his/her Assistants, Chief Marshall and Championship Manager.


Any such Statement of Fact shall not be subject to protest or appeal.


The offence(s) shall be dealt with under section six of the National Sporting Code sub sections 6.08 and 6.09; Powers of the Clerk of the Course and Race Direction.


Penalties which may be given by the above-named officials in 6.08 and 6.09 are outlined in NSC section


Statements of Fact shall also include the decisions of Timekeeper, Starter and Finish line Judges, Sound Inspectors as already defined within the Code.

If you have any issues please talk to the ACU or host clubs officials.


The top three overall in the British Championship, and Overall Winner of the Under 21 and National Expert Championship riders on the day must attend the official prize giving ceremony for photographs. This will be held as soon as possible after the final race of the day.

A presentation will be made to the best placed “Rookie” rider based on the overall results on the day.   Rookie Definition: the first year a rider is competing in the British Championship series.


Organisers may pay individual round prize money at their discretion; this will be stipulated in the event SR’s.


If you fail to sign on at any round without having previously notified the Club no entry fee will be returned, and your championship place will be offered to Wild Card riders at future rounds.


A fuel control may be carried out at any time during a meeting, according to the 2024 ACU Fuel Regulations. Fuels must comply with the 2024 ACU Fuel Regulations.


All six rounds of the British Quad Championship series will count.


At the end of the Championship the rider with the highest number of points will be:


ACU British Quad Champion 2024

ACU British Under 21 Quad Champion 2024

ACU National Expert Quad Champion 2024


Competitors will be bound by any restrictions imposed by the round organisers to cover local agreements or other stipulated restrictions. These will be clearly stated in the final Instructions, which will be sent to riders by email prior to the event.


No passes will be issued. Host clubs have their own rules and allowances for admission.



The ACU Motocross Committee reserves the right to change the format of the championships in 2025.