At long last we can say… NETT is going racing again! Please take the time to read this, as thanks to the pandemic, some things are going to be a bit different from the usual way we run. 

We look forward to welcoming everyone this weekend to: 

Wooley Grange, DL15 9AN

NETT Championship Rd1 and R2, the Winrow Memorial and SMCA Clubman Rd 1 (Sunday only) 

Saturday 24 and Sunday 25th April 2021 

We are very mindful that COVID 19 hasn’t gone away and are following Government and ACU guidelines throughout the weekend. Please observe the guidelines and be aware that all competitors and their associates are responsible for abiding by and self-policing social distancing protocols. This means maintaining the 2m + rule and wearing masks when that’s not possible.

Please note too that we are being observed by the Local Authority who may choose to visit the track at any point during the weekend. 


The rule of six/two household rule applies which means competitors can bring other members of their household with them. Camping is now allowed, though restricted to one household only in each camper and overnight. 

Outdoors you can meet with friends and family you don’t live with either in a group of 6 max (or more if only from two households). 

Public spectators are not allowed to attend.


Make sure your entry has been accepted, and you have paid for camping and a day licence, if you need one, in advance. Entries close 1800 hours THURSDAY.

Please do not attend if you are displaying symptoms of COVID 19, and do not bring with you anyone who is classed a “clinically extremely vulnerable” or those living with someone classed as such.


When you arrive at Wooley Grange (DL15 9AN) please stay in your vehicle and sign on from there before you park up. Please have your transponder number to hand – we are setting up a new timing system from scratch so don’t assume we already have your number!

Please aim to arrive during the following signing on periods: 

Friday 23rd – 4pm till 8pm

Saturday 24th – 7am till 8.30am and 6pm till 7pm

Sunday 25th – 7am till 8am

If you have to arrive out with these times, please let Stu Gair know in advance by texting him on 07778 766588. 


After sign on, please park as directed, with a minimum of 3m between vehicles. Park with your awning/door side to your neighbour’s blank side. Sidecar drivers and passengers can be parked adjacent to each other but must adhere to social distancing protocols.

The Scrutineering team will come to you on Saturday/Sunday morning. There is no scrutineering on Friday night. Machines/helmets/body armour etc will be inspected visually by the scrutineers – under their supervision, the competitor will be asked to demonstrate the working condition of brakes, throttle etc. 


The usual gathering of riders for the briefing will not take place.  A briefing sheet and timetable/programme will be handed out as you sign in – it is the rider’s responsibility to receive and read both.


This season, we will be trying to ensure that riders are called to the line in championship standing order by class. On round 1, there will be no fixed start order for the first race, but riders will be called up to the following races that day in the order of finishing race 1. Results of race 1 will be posted in the pre-start holding area. The riders briefing sheet will give you more detail on this.


There will be no prizegiving gatherings this weekend. If COVID 19 restrictions are lifted further in May, as anticipated by the Government, all trophies and awards from rounds 1 and 2 will be presented before the start of Round 3 at Dean Moor on Saturday 29th May. 


Please bring your own black bags and be prepared to clear up around you. Do not leave litter for someone else to lift. 


Please support our new caterer. Their takings will probably be down as there are no spectators but despite that, they have offered to sponsor the marshals’ lunches. Their Gourmet Grille will be serving chicken curry and hot beef sandwiches on Saturday night till about 5.30pm as well as the usual popular breakfasts and lunch options both days. 


You will see a mix of new and old (sorry, familiar!!) faces helping out on the events this year. 

Please go easy on them all, they are all volunteers, just trying to help everyone keep racing, and for some, what they have taken on is brand new. 

Many of the existing team are still in place but this year Karl, Ian and Dot and their spouses and families have taken a step back from their organising committee roles. Happily, they will all be with us this weekend, but very much in an unofficial capacity, and hopefully enjoying spending time with their own family riders.  Over the last few months, they have been providing invaluable support to their replacements, Stu, Matt, Colin and Ann, ensuring that we can all continue to race in the North of England. 

Please direct any questions to the newbies and join us in thanking them for their major contribution to the success of NETT over recent years.