Our final double header is coming up quick, here’s some pointers to help you get ready...

ENTRIES – is your entry in? If not, please do it now, as entries close Thursday 6pm sharp.

SIGNING ON & SCRUTINEERING TIMES - Saturday 4th – 7.30am till 9am and 6pm till 7pm; Sunday 5th – 7.30am till 8.30am – for those riding Sunday only.

RIDERS BRIEFING – 10am Saturday, 9.15 Sunday.

STARTLINE REV-UP - We know everyone would like to remember Jude Morris and pay their respects to his family following last weekend’s tragedy. With the guidance of those close to him, it has been agreed that a start line rev-up would be a touching way for all riders to be involved in honouring him. Please be ready to bring your quad/outfit to the start line prior to the first race of the day on Saturday.

JACKIE YOUNG MEMORIAL – We are delighted to announce that the family of Jackie Young have, in his memory, pledged £50 prizemoney for each overall class winner on our Saturday event. Many will remember Jackie who was well known across the sidecar community nationally and did a lot with local clubs. His son and grandson, Grant and Zayn will be riding quads with us this weekend while son Nik is passenger on sidecar #311.

TEAM GB RAFFLES - Remember to buy your raffle tickets from Dot Nixon on Saturday prior to the prize draws on Saturday night. All funds raised are to support TEAM GB who go to the Quad of Nations next month. There are two raffles, one where you can win lots of prizes, as highlighted on a separate post. If you would like to donate a prize, please give it to Dot on Saturday morning. The other raffle will have only one winner, who will receive 50% of the takings from that raffle, the remainder going to the TEAM GB fund.

MECHANICS RACE - A further fundraiser for Team GB will take place after last block of racing on Saturday. Entry forms and day licence applications available at lunch time – Mark Kirwin is co-ordinating and happy to answer any questions. All riders must complete forms, pay the entry fee of £35 (which includes obligatory day licence) and SIGN ON before the race. Full race kit including boots, helmets, gloves and body armour must be worn and the quad must be scrutineered.

TIMETABLE - Remember to pick up your timetable /programme when you sign on and please note the earlier start on Sunday.

KID CLASSES START LINE - Parents of riders in the 50/100 cc group intending to accompany the rider on the start line must sign on during the above hours. On the start line, the parent must wear a hi-vis bib and step back from the line when the green flag is raised.

NUMBER BOARDS - please be sure to have your number board on your tail for scrutineering and racing –and cover up any numbers on your bike that don’t match your race number. This really helps our timing team match you to your transponder at the beginning of each race day.

GATE PICK – for all classes, the start order for every race over the two days will be determined by the NETT championship positions at the start of the weekend.

PRIZEGIVINGS - there will be a prizegiving each afternoon for the youth classes and the raffles will also be drawn at this time on the Saturday. Youth awards for this weekend’s events as well as our last rounds at Dean Moor will be presented.

CATERING - on site catering will be available throughout the weekend.

LITTER - please bring your own black bags and be prepared to clear up around you. Do not leave litter for someone else to lift.

LOOS – we have been asked to remind you to tidy up after yourselves please, when in the portaloos and to avoid emptying chemical toilets in them – there will be an IBC in place for this purpose, please use it.

COVID 19 continues to be front of mind and although many restrictions have been lifted, we ask that everyone continues to take care and respect those around you. Please be aware that all competitors and their associates are responsible for abiding by and self-policing social distancing protocols.

Please do not attend if you are displaying symptoms of COVID 19, and do not bring with you anyone who is classed a “clinically extremely vulnerable” or those living with someone classed as such.

Wishing everyone a good and safe weekend. See you there!