As you all know we have been waiting for guidelines from the ACU throughout this season and acting on their advice.

The recent advice that we have had is not too good in that the guidelines we have to follow to run a meeting is not achievable with the amount of people required to carry out all the controls and governance necessary with only having 3 committee members plus 3 spouse's helping.

Current advice is :

  • No two day events
  • No Spectators allowed
  • No Sidecar Sport
  • No Youth Sport
  • No overnight camping. (Riders will be expected to arrive early on the morning of the event or practice)
  • Adult riders must be 16 years of age or over (Practice & Competition)
  • Reduced rider numbers for practice and small events
  • On site = Rider + 1 additional person
  • No National Events or British Championships to be run in this phase
  • Officials and Personnel in the "Extremely at Risk" category due to age or health must be shielded and not permitted to attend.
  • Officials and Personnel in the "At Risk" category must be shielded

Apart from all the things listed above, we would have to monitor closely the entrance gate, toilets, signing on, scruitineering, the start gate, marshals etc., also which is not achieveable with the amount of bodies available to help.

To run an event with no sidecars or youths, no camping and nobody able to travel from Scotland, Ireland or Wales, would not be feasible for the Club.

We have therefore decided to cancel Dean Moor on the 25th and 26th July which only leaves Duns on the agenda for the 2020 season. However, if restrictions are not lifted regarding camping and travel we will need to cancel this one as well (TBC).  We have not taken this decision lightly and appreciate it will be very disappointing for you all.  Anyone who has paid a membership fee can either request a refund or we can defer it into next year, pending a decision on Duns.

We will keep you posted re Duns.

Stay safe.

Yours in Sport